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Let's talk weddings.

Occasions such as weddings are key milestones in our lives and, for me, life is too short to not mark these in a way that is meaningful, personal and fun!  Too often the ceremony is rushed through to get to the party, but what if the ceremony WAS the party (or at least the start of it!)? 

Village Hall Humanist Ceremony Yorkshire

So why choose a Humanist Celebrant?

  • Total inclusivity, we Humanists see only love and treat every partnership as equal #youdontneedtoaskhere
  • Humanist ceremonies are non-religious (though not anti-religious by any means) and offer an alternative to those who do not want to opt for a religious ceremony and are looking for a personalised, bespoke wedding.
  • Humanist ceremonies can happen wherever and whenever you like; outdoors or indoors from beaches to hillsides, from stately homes to your Nan’s back garden. They can also happen at any time of day so you can tweet with the birds or hoot with the owls as you wish!
  • We are part of a network so, if the unexpected happens to me, I can call on one of my amazing colleagues, you will never be left in the lurch!
  • Quality assurance that we are trained to highest standards by highly experienced fellow celebrants. We also undergo regular peer reviews and a thorough programme of continuous professional development.
Trusted Wedding Supplier

Why choose me?

  • I create weddings that are innovative, fun and filled with good vibes in keeping with whatever tone, theme and style you want.
  • I will provide you with a complete script including stage directions, music cues and copies of readings for your participants. You can make as many tweaks as you wish along the way, you will have full editorial control.
  • Your wedding will be the only one I take that day, allowing you to relax as I can be flexible around timings should the British weather not play ball or something unexpected occurs.
  • I am up for anything!  If you want to get your pets involved or your kids or include a hobby or passion that is important to you, I will find a way to incorporate it.
  • I can provide a wealth of inspiration in terms of reading, symbolic acts, music etc. or you can choose independently and I will weave these seamlessly into the ceremony.
  • We will get to know each other in the run up to the wedding so you will be totally at ease on the day with someone you know well.
  • I will create something unique and memorable that will wow your guests and set apart your ceremony (and the photos!) from any other wedding!

For lots more info about Humanist Weddings and Humanist Wedding Celebrants, check out the below video which my colleagues and I made at the beautiful Hazelwood Castle here in Yorkshire:

Helen Phillips Your Best Life Celebrant