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What is a vow renewal?

What is a vow renewal ceremony?

Most people know what a Wedding consists of and the majority of adults will likely have attended a few in their time, however, less is known about Vow Renewals. Vow Renewals are growing in popularity but are still a lot less common than a traditional Wedding. So what are they all about?

So what exactly is a Vow Renewal?

A Vow Renewal ceremony is a celebration for a couple who are already married and who want to reaffirm their vows or promises to one other.

Why have a vow renewal?

You may have been married 5 years or 50 years. You might be marking a milestone anniversary or you might be recognising your commitment to each other following or in anticipation of a difficult time in your lives. There are no rules. A Vow Renewal is about recognising that you may have grown and changed as people as your lives progress, also acknowledging what you have experienced and learnt in your marriage so far whilst reasserting that you still want to share your lives together and are looking ahead to the rest of your future together.

How does a Vow Renewal work?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to reconfirm your love and commitment and however you want to mark the occasion (you may want to go as big or bigger than your original wedding or you may want to be more relaxed and informal without some of the usual pressures around a Wedding), I will help you on this. As your Humanist Celebrant, I can work with you to build a highly personalised and meaningful ceremony which puts your love right at the heart. You can include readings and songs; the same ones you had the first time, totally different ones or a combination. It is also a lovely idea to include children or grandchildren who may not have been present or were only young at the time of your original Wedding. You may want to walk down the aisle with one of your children or you may want to enter as a couple together. As your Humanist Celebrant, I will work with you to design your perfect, bespoke ceremony.

Where can we have a Vow Renewal?

Like a Humanist wedding, you can hold your Vow Renewal wherever and whenever you like! From a garden to a stately home a village hall to beach. You don’t need licensed premises or even any guests.

If you want to find out more about what a vow renewal could look like for you then please reach out at to find out more.

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