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When is the best time of year for a wedding?

When is the best time of year for a wedding?

People often ask which is my preferred time of year for weddings and my honest answer is… all of them! I honestly don’t think I could pick a my favourite season, there is something to love in all of them!

I also love that a couple’s choice of season and month is another reflection of their individuality and I love to hear the reasons why a particular date has been chosen. Here are the top 3 things I love about each season:


🐣 You are not expecting nice weather but you can often get it as a nice little bonus
🐣 Spring blooms- daffodils, bluebells and my absolute fave… cherry blossom
🐣 The traditional time of the year for new beginnings and life so what better time to start out in married life!


😎 Long days and warm evenings
😎 Outdoor weddings are a definite option (don’t worry, I will always discuss plan b with you!)
😎Good vibes, sun and warmth mixed with lots of love is a great cocktail (pimms is a close 2nd!)


🍂The warm colour palette of oranges, browns, yellows, reds in the trees and the joy of fallen leaves
🍂 Autumnal sun and light can be some of the most beautiful for your photos but you can also get cosy once the sun goes down
🍂 Tonnes of great food options with it being harvest time including apples which, in days gone by, were exchanged as tokens of love


❄ The freedom of zero expectation on the weather front (unless you really hope for snow!)
❄ Your venue may already be well dressed for festive celebrations
❄ Party time, people love to party in the run up to Christmas or why not consider a New Year eve wedding or excuse to celebrate in January or February?

Whatever your chosen wedding season, I am here to create the ceremony to suit your style. I would love to hear from you for 2023 and 2024.

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