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Where can you have a Humanist wedding?

Where can we hold a Humanist weddding?

The short answer is anywhere! The wonderful thing is you are not tied to a specific room or building as you are for a civil ceremony so you choose somewhere significant for or reflective of you as a couple to go along with a celebrant led ceremony which is equally personal and bespoke. If you are still in need of some inspiration, then here are some of my favourite locations for consideration:


To feel really close to nature, why not consider a woodland wedding? You can gather standing in public woodland (especially gorgeous when bluebells are out in May) or, if you are looking for some more comfort for your guests then there are some super cool event spaces in Woodland that will offer seating and possibly also facilities for a reception afterwards. In Yorkshire, check out This Green Moon, Applewood weddings, Cockley Woodland Weddings and Escrick Park.

2. Field or farm

Think festival style with a tipi, hay bales etc. Weather permitting, you can have your ceremony outside and incorporate your favourite music and poetry. You can set up on any private land with the landowners permission. This could be close to your home or other location of significance to you or just somewhere with a spectacular view or backdrop. Check out Herd Farm or Lineham Farm in Leeds for that semi managed yet still DIY venue.

3. Village Halls

Often overlooked but a village hall can be a real blank canvas for you to put your stamp on. They often an indoor venue at a fraction of the price of a hotel or more traditional venue but will allow you more freedom to plan your day your way and they will often include kitchens and bar space for your caterers and mobile bar (should you be having one) to utilise. In Yorkshire the village halls at East Keswick and Barwick in Elmet are particularly welcoming to weddings.

4. Private garden

If you are fortunate enough to know someone who has a large or particularly attractive garden, then why not make use of this for an outdoor wedding, with or without marquee or tipi. This is especially lovely if it is close family member but, whoever’s property it is, this will make for a highly personalised and meaningful setting for your bespoke Humanist ceremony.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into what is possible. Please do get in touch or leave a comment if you have any questions at all.

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