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Ceremony pricing

It would amazing if we could all follow Jessie J's lead and 'forget about the price-tag' (sorry, there's another ear-worm!). However, I know I certainly like to know the cost of things upfront and I don't like surprises (except on my birthday!)

Like me, my ceremony pricing is transparent and honest, nothing is hidden nor will be added on extra. So here you go:

  • A Wedding ceremony costs £625 (£250 upfront payment to ‘save the date’ then the balance at least a week before the wedding)
  • A Naming ceremony costs £275  (£75 upfront payment to ‘save the date’, £100 on delivery of the script and the balance at least a week before the naming). This is based on one ‘namee’ if you have multiple ‘namees’ in a ceremony these are at an additional cost of £75 each

I like to keep things simple and transparent and I also pride myself on offering everyone the same high standard of ceremony, which is to be best into each and everyone one, so I am afraid it just doesn’t work to offer tiered pricing or strip back the cost depending on what you want in your ceremony . 

I am based in Leeds but work across Yorkshire from Brough to Bingley, Sheffield to Scarborough and within the Yorkshire area,  I don’t charge any extra for fuel or travel. I am also fortunate to be able to have a base in the beautiful Lake District so can also officiate ceremonies in the North-west as part of ‘my area’. If your ceremony is beyond where I would usually travel and you are still desperate to work with me then we can have a chat and work something out to cover the cost me travelling further afield. Otherwise, I will certainly be able to put you in touch with a bunch of very capable and talented Humanist Celebrant colleagues closer to your chosen location.

If you want to discuss options for payment plans in more installments etc. then please contact me, I am more than happy to accommodate.

I do occasionally run discounted offers for mid-week weddings off-peak and I can equally offer a reduced rate for genuine elopement style ceremonies (just you two and maybe a photographer). Please get in touch if you wish to discuss this further.